First things first:

If ANY hand sanitizer company that tells you that their product (whether Alcohol-based or Alcohol-free) kills Covid-19 (Coronavirus), or any other virus for that matter, they are breaking the law. In making this type of claim, they are potentially misleading the general public into believing they would be protected against catching a virus by using a particular hand sanitizer product.

That said, there have been plenty of independent laboratory studies over the years with respect to Benzalkonium Chloride, aka (BAC), that have shown it to be effective against a broad spectrum of gram negative,  and gram positive bacteria, as well as select viruses. These can be researched and found online.

Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) is used in many well known brands of antiseptic ointments, first-aid sprays, brand-name hand wipes, antibacterial wipes, medical skin-prep wipes, cosmetics preservatives, and more.

Why is it then, after 20 years on the market, Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) based sanitizers are still not considered good enough to be recommended as a SAFER AND MORE EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE to alcohol-based hand sanitizers? Every uphill battle eventually reaches a peak.

The single most important means of breaking the chain of cross contamination from germs and bacteria is intact skin.

Your body has its own natural defense mechanisms, where all of the good bacteria lives. Too much hand washing and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers strips away the natural oils of the skin. This causes the skin to become dry and cracked. The good bacteria are now starved for moisture and come to the surface in search of it, only to be wiped out by more washing and drying out from alcohol-based sanitizers.

At this point your skin integrity has been compromised and your risk has increased.

We have yet to hear a customer say that our product dries out their hands. Due to its antiseptic properties, many customers have reported improved skin condition after repeated use.

All of us here at GentleCare have soft and healthy hands.

I hope that you found this helpful.

You Are In Good Hands with GentleCare!

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